Monday, November 14, 2011

HPT Grand Prix

Hey Gang,

Last Saturday i raced cross in Topeka, it was at night, it was pretty cool.

The 3/4 field was a decent size (25) but in general the turnout seemed small. People missed out.

I started front row thanks to my 360 series points. When we hit the track i was probably sitting 6th. Passed a few guys but then got passed by Nick V, he encouraged me to jump on his wheel and help him catch the lead group, i was all about it, but couldn't hold his wheel. I was laboring. Maybe Joe Fashions wicked fast start winded me. Pretty soon i was riding in no mans land. Nick V was always pretty close and i kept riding as hard as i could hoping to catch him. He was a good carrot. I got pretty dang close on the last lap but never made contact. Finished 5th.

For the first time all year the ground was soft, not muddy, but soft. That's a step in the right direction!

For whatever reason i had a pretty casual attitude towards this race, so im not upset with that result. The course is really fun and i cant wait to go back next year. Now it's time to get ready for the next two weekends. They're going to be big. Were going to Lincoln this weekend for the Saturday / Sunday races. They're supposed to be waaay fun. Live music and everything.

Then the next weekend is Jingle Cross, the one event Ive been looking forward to the most for 2011.



The Kansas City Roller Warriors had a great tournament... but didn't' make the finals. They won their first game, which i told you about, then won their second game (both upsets!) and were playing for a change to go to the finals but lost a close game to Oly City (Olympia, WA). Personally i think they got hosed because Oly City seems to be a team of mercenaries from around the country while KC is entirely home grown, but cest la vie. It was a close game so KC can hold their heads high.

And... Remember me telling you about Snot Rocket? Well, Snot Rocket, who actually now goes by hear real name, Kelly Young (because she's cool like that), won MVP for the tournament!!! More info here.

How about that!!!!

I love derby girls.

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