Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Helmet Cam Video from 360 cup

Technically the camera is mounted on my stem.

360 Cup was a great course which i thought would really suit me, and i did okay, but it really wasn't my day. Chuong hooked me up with his video camera right before the race and i think the footage is pretty good. It was fortunate that i lined up in the very back because it makes for a much more exciting perspective.

Enjoy the show!!!

(i'm not sure why only half of it is showing, click the 'full screen' buttom on the bottom to go full screen.)


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  2. I was totally conscience that you had that thing on your bars when I was in front of you... Whole time was thinking, better watch myself here... HA! the tape incident is my favorite.

  3. Sweet video! I found myself cheering you one like a little school girl cheerleader. If trails weren't so freaking awesome right now, I'd be doing that shit with you all!

    Sweet wrecks too... Way to be humble young grasshopper.