Sunday, January 22, 2012


I got my Apocalypto on today.

have you guys seen Apocalypto?

The road bike is getting back into the swing. Did maybe 30 miles today. Breathing hard for a lot of it. I did a good job of falling out of shape over the last 3 weeks. I trained hard at it. Now it's time to put in the miles and see if i can actually get some descent results on the road bike.

Mountain biking (weather permitting) will be in full swing too. I took the new rig to swope yesterday and it was pretty sweet. So sweet that i didn't stop and take pictures.

Next time out i'll rock the Apocalypto jersey and snap a few pic's.


  1. hope i can get a picture of you wearing it because ill post it on

  2. Then be sure to have you're camera because it's now a part of the regular rotation!

  3. its not a kit! it's just a bad ass 80s jersey! helluva white elephant gift

  4. is someone being held hostage at your apartment? that tatooed girl looks like she needs help