Sunday, January 8, 2012

Traveling back in time... yesterday

Today is Sunday but yesterday was Saturday.

The Colavita crew has a new meeting spot for the 9am Saturday ride. It's the Parisi Cafe inside Union Station. Pretty awesome. Honestly, how cool is it to roll your bike inside Union Station and then chill at the coffee shop while you wait for your pals roll in. Plus everyone gets a free shot of espresso and then 25% of anything else. Parisi Coffee rules! Tip them well, please.

The ride was much longer than i had planned on so a YJ's breakfast was required before i could ride back home.

Later that evening it was time for Roller Skaging... X is turning 30 so we had to get our birthday party on!

Editors note - the sc blog will be slient for a bit (a week?) as i'm planning a big 2011 recap post and it'll take a while. Or ill get lazy and not do it at all.

Stay Tuned.

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