Thursday, April 19, 2012

Levon Helm... RIP

Levon Helm died today.

He was the drummer and often the singer for The Band.

I heard the news on the radio a few hours ago.

Do you guys listen to the Band? Are you familiar with Levon? If not then you better get listening. I'm not sure how old i was when i first discovered The Band, and Levon, high school i think. I'm pretty sure i loved them immediately but it took years before i truly appreciated them. I began to realize that every time they popped up on the radio (not often enough) or when the i pod was on shuffle, i just loved it. Mainly it was because of Levon. Here was a guy who cut thru all the bull shit and made you sit up an say.... 'this is good'. Plus he was just a country boy from Arkansas. Too cool.

I love music and people like Levon Helm are the reason why. He's awesome. You cant explain it, you can just feel it.

The very first link i every put on this blog was to a picture of Levon Helm. I'm sad he's gone.

So do yourself a favor and start listening to the Band, especially the songs where Levon sings... which are most of them. Tip: start with 'The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down'.

Here's a great article by the New York times... i didnt' even know his real first name was Mark.

"Now i dont mind chopping wood, and i dont care if the moneys no good. You take what you need and you leave the rest, but they should have never taken the very best."


  1. I grew up with the band. The Last Waltz was benchmark in our home.

  2. levon helm? not sure if i've heard of him. what band was he in? i'll look into it though. sounds good.