Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Xcelerator is back!!!

(warning, this post suffers from hyperbole... of the best kind)

What should the tone of this post be?

Xcelerator is back to playing roller derby (for a limited time) and i got to see her skate in a derby game this past Saturday night. Holy Moly. It was totally amazing. Like 'i cant believe what im seeing' amazing. Like 'i'm witnessing something special' amazing. she's good. I think she was born to play roller derby.

What should the tone of this post be?

She was already retired when we met so i never got to see her skate. I heard stories, from her and from friends and from fans, i saw strangers walk up to her on the street and say 'excuse me, are you Xcelerator', i saw video from the great metro sports documentary on the Kansas City Roller Warriors... but now i've seen her in action for myself. She's really good.

What should the tone of this post be?

What i witnessed on Saturday night was nothing short of totally awesome. A big part of that is because she's my girl and therefore i'm biased but everyone in the crown felt it too, she was the best player on the track, hands down. i wont go into the rules or strategies of roller derby or how this particular game played out (KC won) but ill tell you about Xcelerator.

She was the fastetst skater on the track. easily. This was a banked track, unlike the flat track she used to play on, so you could really fly. There were a couple moments where she was going so fast i was worried she wouldnt' be able to hold the turn, but she did. Some of the best moments were when the opposing jammer broke out of the pack first which meant once X got thru the pack she had a gap to close. She closed it in a heart beat. you could almost feel her speed. It was like she had 3 extra gears over everyone else. The other jammers would see her (or feel her) coming and call off the jam because they knew they were about to get passed and then destroyed.

She was maybe the most physical competator on the track. She put a hit on a girl that changed the entire dynamic of our relationship. She laid this girl OUT. I was shocked. It was such a violent act. Part of me felt bad for the other girl. "can you do that?" i thougth to myself. And apparently that wasent even her best hit. somehow i missed that one but she assured me it was much better. I dont doubt it.

She was maybe the most competative player on the track. That one's toughet to measure but i know how she likes to win and i saw her in the huddles communication with her teamates. She hates to lose.

She was the crowd favorite. Absolutely true. Back in her old derby days fans would put their arms up in an 'X' when she was jamming. Well the announcers got the crowd to do the same thing on Saturday and people were going crazy for X. They were even chanting "X,X,X". i was dumb founded as i looked around at everybody cheering for my best girl.

What shoud the tone of this post be?

The tone of a guy who feels more and more lucky about the gal he's with.

Did i mention were engaged?


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  1. Now you know why were all sad when she retired... You don't mess with the X. :)

    --Annie Maul

  2. I happen to know how good she was and may still I saw her skate lap after lap after lap when she was just a little girl.

    --Papa X