Thursday, June 7, 2012

Finding time for blogging

I seem to experience peaks and valleys when it comes to blogging. sometimes it's easy and sometimes i have no desire to do it.

Part of the problem is that i like to include photos and that makes it a lot harder than just typing and then posting. You have to have the camera on you, you have to use it, then i always take a ton of photos but hate to load them all on my computer so i spend time deleting them off the camera, then you plug the camera into the computer, download, then upload to the blog.

Another problem is i'm not that comfortable with my new computer set up in our new place. it's a tiny desk with an uncomfortable chair and it's back in the back so it's kind of lonely back there.

i could spend time rearrangin and making my "office" more comfortable but thats just one more thing i would have to do. I already work pretty hard for 40 hours a week so i really dont want to do any more work right now. Planning a wedding is plenty.

Then you factor in bike riding.

i pretty much ride my bike as much as possible, and i love it. That leaves less free time for stuff like blogging. It's not just that you cant blog while you're actually on your bike but when you get home from riding you're tired and have to make dinner and blogging is an afterthought. If you ride a lot you have clothes and pumps and lube and lights and water bottles and bikes that need to be taken care of. Blogging is an afterthought.

I enjoy my free time but it's pretty scarce lately so when i do have some i usually choose to do something else besides blogging. Like laying on the couch and flipping channls between the Royals and the NBA playoffs.


I always loved entertaining people and i like to think that this blog is entertaining.

So i keep coming back.

For some reason i dont want to be one of those Blogs (most of those blogs) that just abruptly stops one day and lingers on the internet for eternity. You see so many out there where the last post was 2 years ago but theres no mention of why they stopped. I know why they stopped but it's still a weird phenomonon. Maybe i'll stop one day, posts like these are probably the precurser to stopping, but for now i'm going to keep coming back.

I have a snanke alley post pratically ready to go, i typed it up the day after i got back so the words and thoughts are fresh. i just need to get the photos on there. I think there are some good ones, too.

Peakes and valleys. Strikes and gutters.

The Dude abides.


  1. this blog is one of the only things that keeps me going, your posts bring sunshine into my dark, gloomy world.

  2. yeah, your blog rocks. One of the best bike blogs that I read - keep it up.

  3. you just convinced me to delete my shit blog. thanks buddy.

  4. And here I thought I was the only one who felt that way bout blogging...hmmm...couch or blog...COUCH!!!

  5. Eat more cheeseburgers before CX season.