Friday, July 20, 2012

Mountain Bikes Everywhere!!! Euraka Springs and tomorrows Colavita Race at Wyandotte County Lake

Just like the weather, mountain bikes are very hot right now. Sure a bunch of juiced up toothpicks are flying up mountains in france right now but back here in the good old midwest it's mountain bike time.

First up dont forget about the local MTB race tomorrow at Wyandotte Lake. 9am. My teammate Brett deserves all the credit for bringing knobby tire racing to KC this year. it's the only kc race all year so come out and support!

Flyer here.

A few pic's of the trails...

Now, on to Euraka Springs and the mtb race i did last weekend.

This is going to be short.

This is the coolest mtb race i've ever done despite the fact i had 3 flats and was one of the very last finisher. My race was more of an odyssey. Any hope i had of winning vanished almost immediately when i started too conservative. the race starts in town and you traverse a multitude of hills before you even get to the proper single track at Lake Leatherwood. I let these hills get in my head. Stupid since i'm well aware that climbing is my least worst cycling skill.

Despite my conservative start I still think my finish would have been pretty high up there... but 3 flats ruined that. On the first flat i had a tube but no pump so was left on the side of the trail with my thumb out, luckily Brett came along and gave me his pump. Thanks brother. On the second flat i had a pump but no tube, until i crossed paths with another unlucky sole. he needed a pump and had an extra tube. Convenient. Before the third flat i encountered a pump-less dude and gladly stopped to help im out. On the last flat i quickly accepted my fate and walked the last 25 minutes of the race. during which i ran into a one eyed monster, successfully negotiated the seductive song of the sirens, took a quick detour thru hades, fought off a sea monster and finally returned home to slay a rowdy band of suitors who had taken up residence in my home. 


It should have taken me about 1.5 hours but ended up just under 3. 

What a day.

But.... i cant wait to go back. It's as awesome race.

The group checking out the downhill course. It was a full on fat tire festival with trials, short track, downhill and xc.

Tip... Eat at Bubba's BBQ.

Tip... listen to Hot Chip and have a dance party. Fohawk not recommended.

It's called Euraks Springs, AR because of the numerous natural springs.

Inside the spring, those steps are not natural, the grate is.

Plaque about this particular spring.

Race day. You know it's a good day when you can pedal to the start line.

The juices really started flowing when we saw how many peeps were there. I see a Soundpony Kit!

Oh Yeah. Juices are flowing.

The cat 1's take off.

Flat # 1.

Flat # 2 and my new friend Adam.

That's Brian Fawley 2nd from the front. Watching him pass people was eye opening.

Bretts pump helps out it's 3rd rider of the day. 

Over the dam, one of the few moments i was actually riding my bike. Notice my embarrassingly long excess stem, fork thingy.

Flat # 3. By this point almost everyone had finished and the trails were pretty much deserted so i knew i was on my own. Just as well, i didn't feel like changing any more flats. Maybe i need to get one of those goo spray cans.

I finished! My mood was better than this facial expression, but only just.

Every finisher filled out a card. Notice my finishing place. It was a big race.

Tall Unicycle

Results. I believe i was second to last in my division. 

X took 3rd in the cat 3 race, passing a chunk of the cat 2 women in the process. She wished she would have done cat 2 but i'm glad she didn't because now i can call her a SANDBAGGER! At least she won a frisbee.

The crew after a successful weekend.


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