Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Growing up, time management, making adjustments,

I feel like doing a post on the Colavita mountain bike race from two weeks ago (great success), i feel like doing a post on the Springfield Crit from last weekend (Fun but not a great success), i feel like just riding around and taking fun pictures to post and entertaining you good people (no time for that).

Im getting married, did you know that? Getting married is a big deal. Unless you go to the courthouse and then have a reception at a bar. We're not doing that. For us there is lots to plan and attend.

It's taking up a lot of time. I accept it the best i can because i love the woman i'm about to marry and couldn't imaging my life without her, but it's a struggle. I want to ride my bike but i just dont have as much time as i used to.

In reality i probably have a sizable chunk of time every week where i can ride... but i'm not good with time management. I read stories about guys who graduate from Medical School and are still cat 1 racers. Granted they probably have a lot of natural ability but that still takes good time management skills. I'm lacking time management skills and natural ability so im left wtih frustration. Before i had so many other things taking up my time i would be very casual about riding. Sometimes, after work (i get off at 5pm), i wouldnt get out of the house till 7, then i would sit at a coffee shop till 730, then i would ride till 9 or 10. maybe I'd play ultimate frisbee at Loose Park on Tuesdays and then ride after. Life was simple and time managemet wasent an issue.

I try to keep it in perspective, riding a bike is fun but there are more important things in life. That dosen't make it any easier to accept the fact that my desire to ride is stronger than ever but that desire is running head first into an extreme diminishing of available time.

So i need to make some adjustments.

How the hell do you do that?

Part of the fun or riding my bike was the lifestyle. coffee shops. Late dinners. Forgetting all the other stuff in life and just riding (the laundry pile used to be huge). Now some of the fun has been taken away and riding my bike becomes about maximizing my time spent pedaling. I think i can get on board with that but it will be hard to bypass the coffee shop or forgo riding to take care of some real life stuff. thats an adjustment i need to make.

Somethign i've said for the past few years.... i will ride my bike.

it's kind of a personal mantra. When i stop to think about it it's a strange desire. i've never been a competative person. i always liked sports but i never had a passion for any of them. I've been known to be lazy. So where does this desire for bike riding come from?

Well i have no idea and i'm not that worried about analyzing it. it's about feeling, not understanding.

As Cosmo Kramer would say, "here's to feeling good all the time".

I guess this post is a stream of consciousness commentary as i see my life changing before my eyes. And i dont even have kids yet!

I will ride my bike. You should ride your bike, too.


  1. it was nice knowing ya

  2. "I will ride my bike." That's a new sc t-shirt, if the "in the house shirt" ever sells out.

  3. you should throw a commute into your weekly routine, granted, it can be a pain but it's a good way to get 1.5 hours in pretty easily.

  4. When the kid does arrive you'll have a good 14 minutes a week available for riding so live it up now.

  5. You wanting to ride is a natural feeling it usually means your are refreshed, well rested from excessive riding. It's a sign that your bank is full and you can go out and train or ultimately if you had been training hard and rested up like you feel now could destroy a race. Should think about just doing a lee summit ride with kent and the lee summit crew. Great rides out there with a good pase and also about keeping the group together.

  6. It is an adjustment, but you have something on your side. Your S.O. rides too. This makes things much easier when it comes to finding times to ride. When your spouse understands that need to ride on a personal level they help you find/make the time.