Friday, March 22, 2013

Stream of Consciousness on a slow Friday at work.

I'm really excited to race my bicycle against other people on bicycles.

This year i started "training" about a month earlier than normal and i can really feel it. Not so much in my ability but in that fact that i've only raced twice so far and it feels like i've been riding my bike forever.

I hope i dont burn out this year.

If i do burn out i can take a few weeks off and then hit cross hard.

I hope im good for cross, i keep telling Dave im going to kick his a** and im only half joking when i say that.

okay, i'm 3/4 joking and 1/4 serious.

But cross is six months away, right now im excited to be on my road bike. And my mountain bike.

Maybe this year ill get my mountain bike the way i really want it. it's totally awesome as is, full carbon with a great wheel set and other bells and whistles, but there are a few small tweeks preventing it from feeling like "mine". still looking for those perfect handlebars and i'm not sold in grip shifts.

The same could be said for my road bike. New handlebars and a new saddle, like this one, would be nice.

i'm so horrible at gear and bike maintenance. im only interested in that stuff when im actually pedaling, as soon as i get home i've forgotten all about it.

New goal, have the mountain bike the way i want it by Bone Bender and the road bike the way i want it by Snake Alley.

The weather sure is crappy right now. i was planning on spring fling tomorrow and the marathon mountain bike race at gods country on Sunday (the marathon field is huge!) but it looks like weather will cancel both of those.

I wonder if i can get in a total of 7 hrs between today and sunday? That would make this week my biggest week so far this year in terms of hours in the saddle.

Im hungry.


  1. just what i needed on a slow friday bored at work

  2. Two posts in March. Two. Sad. What's happened to you man?