Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My legs and lungs (i think) are in good shape, my back and core (i know) are in terrible shape. Bone Bender will be tough.

Is 13 days enough time to get my back to the point where it will last for 3 plus hours of mountain biking at Clinton Lake? It doesn't need to last any longer than that, at this point, so just get me thru the race and i'll be a happy man.

I aint getting any younger and my body is not happy with me since i quit yoga. might be time to start again.

If it wasn't for the potential back issues i'd be pretty optimistic for Bone Bender. Since January 1 i've ridden more than any previous year during the same period. Unfortunately i've also raced less than any previous year with the exception of my very first year.

I have a question for anyone who knows: which category should i race? I've always been horrible about knowing how upgrades work but in Mountain Bike racing im really horrible. Last year i was second in the sport category, 3 hr race. So should i race expert this year? do i need to upgrade on-line (would i even have the points or whatever to upgrade) or do i just tell the registration desk im racing expert. The year before last i entered expert on a whim and no one questioned it. I've been at this long enough, i'd like to race expert. Isn't there an extra fee to get an expert license for mtb races?

Maybe i'll just lobby for one category for all racers, the human category.

The human category, races for people.


Whatever category i end up in i will be pedaling around Clinton lake a week from Sunday and if you see a guy standing on the side of the trail stretching him back then tell him to man up.


  1. MTB is the bastard child of USAcycling most of the time you don't even need a USAC license, the promotor will just pay the one day fee (sometimes for no additional cost). As for categories... again it doesn't matter what your license says just race whatever you want.

    I say sack up, put your man pants on, and race the expert.

  2. I say who give a phuk, go have fun on your bike :)

    I also say " where the heck is A-Keck's Race Report from Saturday YO!!!