Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Catching up post 3 of a lot... Arkansas and the Hells Kitchen Road Race.

Today is Tuesday, April 30 but this happened back in mid march.

Drove to Fayetteville, AR for a couple days of training, culminating with the Hells Kitchen Road Race on Sunday. Stayed in an awesome house for free (perfect example of "it's who you know now what you know") and had an absolute blast... until race day. After two days of the best weather we had experienced in months we woke up to chilly temps and drizzling rain. After hemming and hawing i decided to race only to be dropped on the first pass up the major climb. And it was a major climb. I rode casually to the feed zone where x and the other girls were hanging and i quit and joined them for the remainder of the race.

The weekend was so great that i moved past the disappointment of the race pretty quickly. We had great company all weekend and even celebrated my 33rd birthday with gourmet cup cakes and a tequila shot that would have been much better had the lime not been discusting. Seriously. You look forward to the lime after the shot so imagine my horror when after biting into it i realized it was way past due. So gross.

Fayetteville is fun.

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