Sunday, November 10, 2013

HPT Grand Prix

Wow, last night was awesome.

If you won't there (and a lot of you were not) then I hope you have a good excuse because you missed out on one of the best courses if the year. Hands down. 

The HPT race is always great but this year was especially juicy. It was smooth and fast. hilly and flat. good and better. The perfect amount of everything. Lots of wide turns that required a small brake tap followed by extreme throttle punching. 

Plus I was on a good day. 

The morning started out with a soar throat, not ideal, but I put forth an aggressive "get healthy quick" plan which included emergen-c, ricola, zycam, and bacon. It worked. 

X and i rolled into Topeka with plenty if time which allowed a stress free pre ride and warm up. I took brittons advice and re-ride a few sections multiple times. There was nothing overly technical but I need every advantage I can get. 

My tire pressure was perfect during warm up and i knew it was going to be a good race. The open race was small, 10, I was in the 2nd (last) row. Shorts and no gloves with a pavement start... Perfect. 

On the whistle I clipped in immediately and found myself 4th at the whole shot. 4th! Fu*k yeah! The first lap of a cross race is great, everyone is right on top of each other. Usually I miss out on that because I get my but kicked immediately, not today. Today it took at least a lap until I started getting my butt kicked!

Man was that first lap fun. I'd kind of forgotten what that was like. Besides briefly putting my front wheel into Andrew L's skewer I was in the zone. Going hard when I had too, resting when I should, nailing the corners. Sure, I had some rough patches but for the most part I was cookin. Once again I required a little recovery from the fast start, but after that I felt great. 

Issac had some bike problems, same with Andrew ( I think) and I ended up 7th. Plus the 3's started right behind us and none of them caught me (that was an issue last year). But I have to say, I think some of the fastest 3 stayed home. 


There are still a lot if races to go (and i plan on racing all of them) but last night kind if felt like the beginning of the end if the cx season. It's been a hard season but one im happy with. I've had enough halfway decent results that I almost feel like I belong in the open race. 

Last night was big time for me, here's to more races like that. 

Once again X was the ultimate cheer leader. Positive cheering really does help.  She took a ton of photos so we can all bask in the photogenic glory that is me. 

Thanks, babe.

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  1. Seeing this makes me really sad I didn't come. Definitely my favorite course of the year. Nice work out there!