Thursday, January 2, 2014

Stolen Bike Alert (Volker Bicycles - Pinarellos)

Im a few days late on this but the good folks over at Volker Bicycles have been robbed of three Pinarello road bikes. Here it is from Britton at Volker...

"December 27th 3 pinarellos were stolen from our store. Thieves broke our door down and just took the bikes.   There were no pedals on any of these bikes, and the marvel had barmitts installed on the bars.   The marvel and rokh were both 53-55cm sizes with ultegra 11 speed and fulcrum 5 wheels.  These bikes are 2014, brand new, we haven't sold any at all in the region so if you see something, just call my cell phone 9136178318."

More details here.

Keep an eye out.

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