Thursday, March 26, 2015

Lake Wilson Mountain Bike Trip

Took a one night trip to Lake Wilson, KS last weekend. We pedaled Mountain bikes on their awesome singletrack on Saturday and Sunday.

Do you like to ride singletrack?

Have you been to Lake Wilson, KS?

If you have the means, i highly suggest you go. The trails are sweet and unlike anything in KC. Plus theres about 23 miles worth! I did a full loop each day which totaled 5 hours of riding. 

It feels like Colorado or Arizona. Smells like it, too. 

If you do go, i also strongly suggest you bring Johnny Pot Pie with you. That boy cooks good.

Cheesy risotto
Shrimp cocktail
Cherizo, egg and bean breakfast burritos
Pringles (my contribution)

We gorged ourselves. 

You should also stop at Salina's Cozy Inn on the way home (also suggested to us by Johnny Pot Pie) for their amazing hamburgers. Certainly the absolute perfect meal after two days and five hours of hard ass mountain biking. If you can eat more than 10 sliders your a real man. I had 5. 

As to the performance of yours truely... thank god for electrolite pills and coasting. 

Our group was 7 and i was somewhere between the fastest and slowest. I'd been out there once before so that gave me a bit of an edge over some, plus my mountain bike is firing on all cylinders right now (thanks Volker Bicycles!) and my confidence was sky high. Plus this was akin to my World Championships. I had some major pain face on day one and was loving every second of it.

Free time is like gold when you have a kid.

So it was an awesome trip. 

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