Sunday, March 29, 2015

Parisi Team Ride

Hit up the team ride today. 

For a change of pace we started at the Parisi Cafe down at Park Place. Have you been there. Out at about 119th and Nall? It's like a generic three year old Europe. 

After some chit chat and free coffee we rode around a while and tried to look cool. 

Plus Double Nickle is back! If you see the yellow Pinarello, pay homage.  

Drinking beer at Volker Bicycles and hanging out with Double Nickle... It's like the old days. 

This ride was a good reminder that I'm slow. At the moment I think my prowess on a bicycle directly effects my prowess as a dad. The faster I get the worse of a dad I become. 

I'm a pretty amazing dad right now. Planning on being a dead beat dad for about 3 months starting in October.

(This blog kinda stinks but I'm trying to get back in the flow. Thank you for your patience.) 

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