Thursday, June 25, 2015

Free Wheels For Kids Crit

I raced last Saturday. 

That's two weekends in a row of racing. 

I'm back, baby!

This time it was a crit. The last crit I raced ended with a broken collar bone. I avoided that this time. 

It was the Free Wheels Crit in KCK and I raced both the 4/5 and the 3/4. I lasted 9 minutes in the 4/5 and 7 minutes in the 3/4. If it hadn't been so dreadfully hot you could add at least two minutes to both on those times. 

I quickly developed a side cramp in the first race and while I was able to avoid this in the second race I think this increased breathing ability only allowed me to reach blow up status quicker. 

I knew I would do bad but it was shocking how hard it was. 

Racing ain't easy. 

Despite all this it was good to be back. Shoot, even double nickel was there. It felt like old times. 

I was hoping to get in a complete race between the two so since I didn't I rode more upon returning home. Geez was it hot. 

I'll be at the Lawrence crit this Sunday. 

See you there.  

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