Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I raced! (Masons Midsummer Meltdown)

did a race on Sunday. Masons Midsummer Meltdown. It was a mountain bike race over at Wyandotte Lake.

Im planning to race cross this year so it seems like its about time to get back out there. This was the perfect race to start with. Low stress and low risk. 

I've been riding when i can, which has been commuting to work a couple days a week and then riding on the weekends. That adds up to about 6 hrs a week. Not a lot but also not much less than i used to ride. Plus i think the smaller amount will force me to focus on quality, we'll see how that goes.

I should also mention that i've been pulling the little man around in the trailer. That s*it is hard. 

So back to the race...

There were 8 or 9 guys in my age group (cat 2 30-39) and i was pleased to see that my deliberately slow start still had me in 5th once we hit the single track after the long downhill gravel section.

It's been about three years since i was last on these trails so i was riding conservatively. Plus it was damp and slick. Plus i was worried about blowing up. Despite all this I never forgot that this was a race so after about 5 minutes of acclimation i took it up a notch or two.  

I'd say i had a solid 30 minutes in me, then still felt okay for the next thirty, then was pretty empty for the last 37 minutes. It was extremely humid so thank god i was decently hydrated, otherwise it could have been ugly. I still cramped up towards the end but noting severe. And thank god i threw some extra food in my pocket right before heading to the start line. I raced for 1 hr and 37 minutes and i needed all the food i had.

i had one minor fall but besides that i thought i handled the slippery conditions pretty well. It really had me thinking about how great the race would be if i had the fitness. 

Fun trails.

Looking at the results i was 3rd in my age group, no bad, but if i had been in the 40-49 i would have been next to last.  

Im registered for Single Speed KC on August 1st and im hoping to hit up a few more races between now and then. I'll be doing one day at our crits next weekend in KCK (free wheels crits, check it out) and then maybe one day at the Tour of Lawrence and hopefully another mountain bike race or two.

Between my wife and all her Roller Derby commitments and our awesome son, who knows what races i'll be able to do so the basic plan is to ride so that im ready when the opportunity comes up.

Or that could all fall apart and i'll just sit back with the little man and play with toys.

it's a win win. 



  1. you shaved your legs for a mtb race?

  2. never go full enduro bro