Monday, September 21, 2015

Buffalo Bill CX

CX season has started in KC.

The first race was Sunday, yesterday, Buffalo Bill's CX in Leavenworth, KS.

I went. It was Hilly.

I've been pretty focused on cross for most of the year. With our son being born last December i figured i could sit out until CX but use that time to figure out my new life and how to train around it.

After one cx race it remains to be seen how well i accomplished the training part but im guessing i didn't do too well. The likely truth is that I simply don't have the time, talent or discipline to train hard enough to be competitive as a cat 2. But we're only one race in...

Race day:

I had to drop Aubree off at The Renaissance Festival and so arrived later than i would have liked. Warmed up for 25 minutes including one pre lap. The course was extremely hilly and i was glad i had grippy tires for the fast downhill corners.

It was a 1/2/3 race and we all started together. 18 starters. I was in the second row and when the whistle blew, Vince, who was in the first row, swerved way right after apparently missing his pedal so i had to come to almost a complete stop. I felt someone hit my rear wheel and then heard them go down. After I got going again i looked back to see that it was our teammate Jon Sink who fell.

Crash-o vita in the house!

So now im pedaling but am in next to last. By the end of the race i managed to get around and finish in front three more folks. I was in front of a few more but lost one or two places in the last lap, it was tough to tell because i was getting lapped plus i don't recognize that many people yet.

I actually felt good, which is mildly depressing, knowing that my good is pretty bad.

So this was the first race. My goal for the season is to be a legit cat 2 on a local level. Basically look like i belong there. On Sunday i got beat by 8 cat 3's.

No worries, life is good, bicycles are fun and im racing again!

(i took no pictures)

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  1. Just keep after it, you will be flying by Oct/Nov...