Saturday, September 26, 2015

Raytown BMX Cyclocross - Day 1

Today was day 1 of 2 cx races out at the Raytown BMX course. 

We've been to this venue before and it never disappoints. Several years back, probably 2011, we had an epic mud race on day 1. It was fast soupy mud. The following day was peanut butter mud which totally sucked, I was happy when the mud broke my bike on day 2 and I had to quit but that soupy Saturday race was awesome. I had the fitness and Mother Nature provided the primo cx elements. 

Today was hot and sunny with no mud to be found. 

The team was out in force at 7:30 am, setting up the course and doing our best to help realize Brittons vision. 

My warm up was limited but I felt okay on the line. Probably 12 racers. I think I basically stayed in contact with the group thru one lap and by the end I finished in front of a couple folks. It felt like it was getting easier to push a bigger gear as the race went on so that was encouraging. Last week at Buffalo Bill I got lapped by maybe 4 folks and it happened pretty early. This week I only got lapped by 2. Micah and then Britton. Britton barely lapped me and I gave it just about everything to stay in front of him.

The course was awesome. There are a ton of options out there and Britton made the most of them. 

Looking forward to tomorrow. Feel like a decent warmup would lead to a better race. 

It's great to be racing again!

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  1. Nice. Sounds like the practice went well. It's always pleasant to race when the weather doesn't make it difficult to do so.