Sunday, March 26, 2017

Road my bike today...

Got a ride in today.

Shortly after cross season i stopped all activity remotely resembling exercise. This lasted till mid Feb when i started riding again. If this had been a real winter i'd probably still be inside wearing sweat pants and sitting on the couch watching hbo shows but its been warm so i been riding.

The Berryman Epic mountain bike race in October is on my radar (and cross season plus a few other random races leading up to that) so i'm in no hurry to go less slow but i am trying to work up to longer rides.

So far im up to 3 hr rides. Pretty much everything has been on the mountain bike. It needs some major work but i like the fit plus the routes it opens up.

Today i rode north to the levees. I love riding down there. Had fun on the way back going thru Downtown and then some single track.

I dont know if Kansas City is considered bike friendly but i love the riding here.

Then i came home to leftover pizza and the end of "They Live" on cable.

Image result for they live movie sex scene

I call that the good life.

(F'ing Oregon).


  1. doesnt blog for months upon months. announces he will be posting a new blog. posts blog. typo in title. bravo.

  2. how is berry man.?

  3. u do burning man. sc @1 ?