Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hellkat Hustle... it's a bike race, fool

Hey everybody,

Yesterday was the Hellkat Hustle bike race. It was a good time.


So... $8 to race and first place wins a pake track frame. After a short rain delay for a totally freak storm the race was underway and we were sent pedaling all over Kansas City. Think of it as a bicycle scavenger hunt except instead of finding stuff, you have to complete a task at each stop.

The task's varied from full on nudity to riding around on kiddy bikes, so it was pretty cool.

Upon completion of the race i was completely exhausted not to mention covered in a layer of sweat, mud, and sun burn. Everyone else seemed to be feeling pretty much the same. But then... in what was perhaps the highlight of a day packed with highlights, someone opened up a fire hydrant at the finish line /post race party. It was extremely refreshing. Post race recovery was further aided by hot dogs and cold beer.

The race was tough and a few folks have the injuries to prove it, but man, what a fun day.

*Thanks to The Phish (new nickname) for the extra photo's.


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  1. I love all the pics, but the one of me doing the sriracha shot is nice. well timed!