Thursday, June 3, 2010

Let''s go Royals

Hey Everybody,

Today is Thursday but back on Monday i went to the Royals Game. I love going to see the Royals. It was Memorial Day, the weather was great, the Royals lost... all was right with the universe. Well, except for the fact that Butler went 0 for 4. Boo. But we did get to see a fan rush the field and then subsequently get arrested. It was a completely tazerless affair, which i was happy about.

Anyway, tomorrow i'm headed to Tulsa to race my bicycle. Stay tuned for a full report. I think i'm gonna get my ass kicked.




  1. Funny ... fan rushing the field is a hazzy memory to me. Must have been the 7-8 beers I had prior to it happening.

  2. i need a new post!!