Sunday, May 30, 2010

Status update: Long weekend... going well

Hey Everybody,

I gotta say that so far this has been a great weekend. Hanging out with friends, telling stories, drinking. I got in some quality coffee shop time (increasingly rare these days) and today we even played a round of folf. The down under at Rosedale is awesome, just be sure to keep an eye out for the Predator.

Now i'm going for a bike ride and i think it's gonna be a wet one. It should be nice.



  1. Ahh ... so THAT'S how the hammock broke.

  2. Andrea, action shot!

  3. It's like riding a bike on acid

  4. One time a couple years ago, I played the game of my life on that down under course. I was in an altered state and wasn't expecting to play well, but every throw traveled as though I were controlling it by remote in mid-flight.

    I felt like the old guy in Caddyshack playing the best game of golf in his life. But I didn't get struck by lightning.