Thursday, May 20, 2010

1st Annual... Coca-Cola Classic Bicycle Race

Hey Gang,

How are you doing? Me, i'm doing great. Tonight we had the first annual Coca-Cola Classic bike race. In a nutshell, we raced to a grocery store, bought something, and raced back, it was a hard. In order to get from downtown (where the race started) to westport (the location of the grocery store) your forced to go up a giant hill, of course the flip side of that coin is that you get to go down it on the way back. If you bought a two liter of Coke you got a 5 min time bonus, i was already in about last so i bought a payday candy bar. it was delicious.

A good crew showed up and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

The plan is to do these races on the 3rd Thursday of every month with the start / finish always being Volker Velowerx at 18th and Wyandotte. Be there or be square, daddy-o.




  1. I'll have to try and make the next one.

  2. I want Britton's bike. Bike lust - hard!