Saturday, May 22, 2010

This is an ancient technique... it's called power stance.

Hey Gang,

Last night we had KC Sprints at Volker Velowerx. Bike to work week is great even if you don't bike to work because there are still events happening all over the place, a la last night. The KC Sprints guys are cool and they do a great job. It's some intense racing. i highly recommend checking it out next time it's happening. As far as the racing, Somethingclassic held his own but some of those dude's are fast.

So now i'm headed off to St. Genevieve, MO for some more bike racing, although this won't be the stationary type. It's the Missouri State Championship Road Race, stay tuned for a full report... from the slow race.

After that i'm going on vacation so i'll be gone for a couple days.


Stay Tuned.

Music (Bonus points if you can identify the guy on keyboards, the one who looks like Jeremiah Johnson, not the one who looks like a cross between Adrian Brody and Steve buscemi.)

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