Wednesday, May 12, 2010

11 photos and some text (bike heavy)

Hey Everybody,

I've been itching to get my camera back so i could unload these wonderful kodak moments and share them with you fine people.

But first...


The first batch of photos is from friday, it was also first friday which means the art galleries were open, it was also the grand opening of the new Volker Bike Shop, actually i think it's going to be called Volker Velowerx. Head down to 18th and Wyandotte and check it out. Very cool.

Saturday was the Robidoux Roundup Mountain Bike race in St. Joe, Missouri.
  • Race Recap: It's hard to be motivated when your riding in the woods all by yourself, for over two hours. Despite that, it's always nice to ride some great trails in what was perfect weather. I did the 3 hr race and for most of it there wasn't another racer in site. It was kind of eerie. The race / trails were at Krug Park, check it out.

Last night was Tuesday night crits. We all have stories.


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