Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Somethingclassicin... Oklahoma. Tulsa Tough

Hey Everybody,

Today's Wednesday but last weekend i was in Tulsa, Oklahoma for the Tulsa Tough bicycle race. Just as predicted... i got my ass kicked. Luckily Tulsa is a fun town and the rest of the racing was exciting to watch, otherwise i would have said it was a wasted trip.


Okay, down to business...

Tulsa, Day 1

It was hot. Neither X or i raced today but there was still some fun night racing to watch. i think more then a few people went down, as in crashed. We had a great dinner at the Blue Dome Diner. Do it Do it.

Tulsa, day 2

It was even hotter. Luckily we found the shady spot. As i already mentioned my race sucked (as in i didn't even finish) but X raced to second place and if the race had been 50 meters longer she may have won. Burger King and The Mummy also raced today (new nicknames.) The Mummy was active at the front all race but got worn out towards the end (if memory serves) while Burger King played it conservative at the back and if not for some rear wheel problems with a few laps to go would have finished better than he did. Not bad considering it was his first crit of the year.

Tulsa, day 3

Still hot, but not as hot. My race sucked again but it did contain what was easily the most exciting part of the weekend. Basically it was me flying down a hill almost out of control and then power-sliding thru the inside of the turn in order to avoid plowing into my teammate and anyone else unlucky enough to be in my way. i recovered like a champ but then the tire rolled and blew so i headed to the pit and rode the next two or three laps on a Zipp wheel, then i pretty much gave up and once again didn't finish. A quick note, i recently jumped up to a higher level of racing, plus i haven't been riding as much lately, plus I'm just slow in general... so there.

Anyway... the rest of the racing was a blast to watch and today was easily the blast-iest. This race had a climb and the crowds along this climb were very enthusiastic. Live music (Note to self: Jug bands are great for road races and parties,) lots of alcohol, dancing, yelling, hoses spraying, toy babies... it had it all. Burger King impressed again considering the lack or racing miles in his legs this year but the Mummy had a difficult day and likely was downing embalming fluid on the side of the road while the race moved on without him. We love ya mummy. The highlight of the day undoubtedly had to be when a Lawrence, Kansas native won the pro race. Whoop whoop!

So that was Tulsa.

Love ya, bye


  1. mummy, burger king, small kids on smaller bikes, jug bands, red darth vader helmets, huge fake tits, and little plastic babies...legendary post amigo.

  2. Fake, you don't say!? ;)

    SC, you forgot one thing...our amazing host housing, as it doesn't get much better than that!

  3. Great post thanks for the news.