Saturday, December 4, 2010

Boss Cross 4... "My Penis is Cold" (can i say that?)

Hey Gang,

Today was Boss Cross #4 out in Riverside, MO. I'm pretty sure i finished dead last.

A quick side note before i get on to the race... stopped into Grunauer last night and what did i find in the main dining room at 1am... the great grandchildren of the original Von Trapp family who inspired the film, 'The Sound of Music,' performing acapella. No microphones, no accompanying instruments, It was amazing. So beautiful. I guess the owners of Grunauer know somebody and since the Von Trapp kids were in town performing with the KC Symphony they had them come over to Grunauer for an impromptu performance.

Everyone should go to Grunauer, it's a magical place, kind of like a Hogwart's with alcohol.

Okay, on to the race.

So today was not my day, for whatever reason the cycling gods decided to curse me with 'slow as f*ck syndrome.' I hope you don't come down with it. Tonight i'll be sacrificing a virginal Focus mtn bike in the hope's of breaking the spell. I started on the last row, then basically gave up after two laps and soft pedaled the rest of the way. But that's okay.

Tomorrow is another race and my spirits are still high. Besides, soft pedaling for 5 or 6 laps of a cross race gives you a different perspective. Which is always good. It also gives you time to chug a Boulevard single wide (thanks cd) at the top of the hill and grab your camera for 'during the race / on the bike photos.'

And yes, my penis was cold. The Team Segal guy's got a real kick out of this when i mentioned it to them. i kept shoving my hand down my pants to try and keep it warm, hopefully somebody got a picture of that, but it was hopeless. So on the way home I stopped at Midwest Cyclery to buy some windproof underwear, but they didn't have any... and it's supposed to be colder tomorrow, yikes.

Enjoy the photos, hopefully i'll a more exciting race to re-cap tomorrow.

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