Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thursday night in late December and it's 60 degrees!

Hey Gang,

Today was an amazing day, what was so amazing you ask? The warm weather!

It's Dec 30th and its 65 degrees at 4pm. Gotta go ride when it's like that!

Needed some coffee, Local spot was packed, headed to Starbucks, still tasty.

Popped into Volker Bicycles, said hi, popped out.

Nice Sky and nice temperature made the entire evening feel different. Like i had traveled back in time 2 months. All i had to do was crank my bike up to 88.

Grabbed a snack at Yogurtini, yes, i went to a place called Yogurtini. Decided to go with a fruit theme. Mango yogurt w/ kiwi and raspberries.

Took a run thru the insane plaza traffic, it's like the bicycle version of the NFL combine.

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