Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing Day Cross - recap

Hey Gang,

So there was another cross race today. After 3 weeks of no local racing it was time to see who was still motivated and who had called it quits for the winter. Spoiler alert: the majority of the KC cycling community is currently not motivated.

The event was Boxing Day Cyclo-Cross and it was located in Leawood, KS. Being that i grew up about 5 minutes from the venue there was no way i was going to miss it. not that i would of missed it anyway.

I figured there would be a small turnout and i was right. My race (cat 3) had 5 people. The open race had 2. The course was pretty one dimensional. Totally flat, totally frozen, one set of barriers, a few tricky turns, a little pavement. Thank god there was no wind and the sun came out, otherwise the 20 degree temps would have been tough to bare. After my last cold penis experience i got smart and wore tighty-whitey underwear under my fleece lined knickers. It worked. Like Kramer says, my boys need a house.

*Another cold weather cycling tip: warm your cycling shoes before you put them on, then your feet will stay warmer longer. i put mine in the sun, it worked pretty well.

Okay, this is going to be a shot re-cap since it was a pretty simple race.

I started slow and was in 3rd at the first turn. After the end of the first lap i was in 2nd. After the end of the 3rd lap i was in first. I'm not positive but i think that's the first time i've ever led a cross race. It was fun. Unfortunately my teammate cb turned out to be stronger and he took the win. i finished 2nd. Which is my best finish ever.... just don't tell anyone there were only 5 of us in the race.

I hung with the eventual winner for a while, but with about 3 laps to go (i think we did 9 total) he began to pull away. It's rather depressing when your sitting on someone's wheel and then all the sudden the gap begins to open. At first you think it's no big deal and you'll just accelerate out of the next corner to catch back up, then two corners later and he's completely off your radar. cb ended up beating me by about 1 minute. I think i rode too much of the race in the 'little bitch gear.'

No worries though, after the race was over i did my best Eddy Merckx impression by popping on my brand spanking new Moltini wool jersey and imagining that i had just out sprinted Jan Janssen to claim the 1967 world championships. It was a good feeling. Then we had some Mexican beer and food at a local dining establishment. It was so Eddy.

3 more cross races left. How bout we have a bigger turnout for the next one? Come on, KC. I got faith in ya!

Oh... and the Kansas City Chiefs are in the PLAYOFFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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