Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Final Answer... Tour of Kansas City

Hey Everybody,

So i figured i needed to do a proper Tour of KC wrap up... this is it.

It was a 3 day bike race but i only raced two of those days. Weather conditions, hot and sticky. Race results, blah. Good times had, in spades. Racing close to home is really the way to do it.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tour of Kansas City, Power and Light... it's a bike race

Regardless of how shi**y the race was, you know you're doing something right when you go to put on your cycling shoe and there's a beer cap in it.


More to come...


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tour of Kansas City, Cliff drive... it's a bike race

I ate In-A-tub Taco's, they were delicious... more to come.


Thursday, June 24, 2010


Hey everybody,

How about that USA / Algeria soccer game! i was working so could only listen to it on the radio out in the warehouse.... but man, what a game. Actually i'd given up hope and was back in my office when Donovan scored the winning goal. i heard the dude's in the back yelling so i went out to share in the joyous occoasion. After work, once everyone had gone home, i took some victory laps around the warehouse. Later that night we had an amazing sunset.

Life is good.
Now, if i could actually watch on of these damn games life would be even better.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hellkat Hustle... it's a bike race, fool

Hey everybody,

Yesterday was the Hellkat Hustle bike race. It was a good time.


So... $8 to race and first place wins a pake track frame. After a short rain delay for a totally freak storm the race was underway and we were sent pedaling all over Kansas City. Think of it as a bicycle scavenger hunt except instead of finding stuff, you have to complete a task at each stop.

The task's varied from full on nudity to riding around on kiddy bikes, so it was pretty cool.

Upon completion of the race i was completely exhausted not to mention covered in a layer of sweat, mud, and sun burn. Everyone else seemed to be feeling pretty much the same. But then... in what was perhaps the highlight of a day packed with highlights, someone opened up a fire hydrant at the finish line /post race party. It was extremely refreshing. Post race recovery was further aided by hot dogs and cold beer.

The race was tough and a few folks have the injuries to prove it, but man, what a fun day.

*Thanks to The Phish (new nickname) for the extra photo's.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Grunauer... it's a restaurant

Howdy folks,

Last Saturday i made my way down to the freight house district and had a lovely dinner at Grunauer. You been there? It's Germanic / Viennese cuisine and it's very tasty. Go have a bier in the Wunderbar, then nosh on some good food and follow that up with a nice dessert. It's all good, especially the bier selection, i havent heard of half of them... and that's a good thing!

It's an awesome spot and you deserve something awesome.

Do it do it.



Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekend Photo Dump

Hey Gang,

How's it going? Me, i'm okay. As for the weekend, not too shabby. It's been rainy lately but were still managing to get some riding in, although i'm totally bummed the HellKat Hustle race was cancelled, anyway... we caught the local Roller Derby Bout (The Kansas City Roller Warriors kicked ass!) and even did some bowling. Good thing we bowled today because i don't roll on Shabbos!

And always remember, maybe the most important thing of all... be sure to get in your relaxing coffee shop time. Make time to do nothing, you deserve it.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Somethingclassicin... Oklahoma. Tulsa Tough

Hey Everybody,

Today's Wednesday but last weekend i was in Tulsa, Oklahoma for the Tulsa Tough bicycle race. Just as predicted... i got my ass kicked. Luckily Tulsa is a fun town and the rest of the racing was exciting to watch, otherwise i would have said it was a wasted trip.


Okay, down to business...

Tulsa, Day 1

It was hot. Neither X or i raced today but there was still some fun night racing to watch. i think more then a few people went down, as in crashed. We had a great dinner at the Blue Dome Diner. Do it Do it.

Tulsa, day 2

It was even hotter. Luckily we found the shady spot. As i already mentioned my race sucked (as in i didn't even finish) but X raced to second place and if the race had been 50 meters longer she may have won. Burger King and The Mummy also raced today (new nicknames.) The Mummy was active at the front all race but got worn out towards the end (if memory serves) while Burger King played it conservative at the back and if not for some rear wheel problems with a few laps to go would have finished better than he did. Not bad considering it was his first crit of the year.

Tulsa, day 3

Still hot, but not as hot. My race sucked again but it did contain what was easily the most exciting part of the weekend. Basically it was me flying down a hill almost out of control and then power-sliding thru the inside of the turn in order to avoid plowing into my teammate and anyone else unlucky enough to be in my way. i recovered like a champ but then the tire rolled and blew so i headed to the pit and rode the next two or three laps on a Zipp wheel, then i pretty much gave up and once again didn't finish. A quick note, i recently jumped up to a higher level of racing, plus i haven't been riding as much lately, plus I'm just slow in general... so there.

Anyway... the rest of the racing was a blast to watch and today was easily the blast-iest. This race had a climb and the crowds along this climb were very enthusiastic. Live music (Note to self: Jug bands are great for road races and parties,) lots of alcohol, dancing, yelling, hoses spraying, toy babies... it had it all. Burger King impressed again considering the lack or racing miles in his legs this year but the Mummy had a difficult day and likely was downing embalming fluid on the side of the road while the race moved on without him. We love ya mummy. The highlight of the day undoubtedly had to be when a Lawrence, Kansas native won the pro race. Whoop whoop!

So that was Tulsa.

Love ya, bye