Saturday, January 29, 2011

KC Sprints @ Buzzard Beach

4, 3, 2, 1... KC SPRINTS!

I absolutely love it when Jones, Jevon, and Zeke do there thing. KC Sprints is the bees knees. It's such a great concept. Stationary bicycle racing in a bar. How could you go wrong? Sure it's the most painful half minute you will spend on a bike, and you feel like crap for about 20 minutes afterwards, but life is short.... so go live it up.

Buzzard Beach is a great venue for the KC Sprints, they really seem to embrace the event. I overheard the doorman saying he "I love this crowd." And it was a big crowd. lot's of folks came out. Lot's of fast folks. There were prizes for the top 3 in the mens and women's tournament and i thought i had a shot. But like i said, lot's of fast folks showed up.

A friend of mine said you need 'loose legs' to excel at this 'sport.' That seems accurate. Theres practically no resistance once you start spinning so it turns into a cadence contest. I'm not sure how KC would rank on the national stage but it seems like a lot of people in this town have loose legs. I didn't win any prizes but i posted a personal PR of 21.70 seconds. Or something like that.

The KC cycling community is rolling right along, as was evident last night, I love this town.

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