Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday night in Kansas City - on two wheels

Hey Gang,

Just another Winter bicycle ride thru the streets of KC.

Tuesdays are turning into great days for me. I seem to be free to do as i please on Tuesdays. Tonight included coffee at Broadway Cafe, followed by aimless riding thru downtown KC. I knew it was going to be a good night when the music in Broadway was changed from Metal to New Order. One of my all time fav's.

Bonus Song
How exciting is it to be reading Chiefs articles leading up to a Chiefs playoff game?!?! Plus it may snow on Sunday! I also enjoyed the article about the new KU AD but how Bill Self is really the man at KU, i love Bill Self.

It was cold tonight but there were a few brave sole's out on bicycles, including that dude who drives a hurse and rides a fixed gear time trial bike everywhere, that dude is all over the place.

I bonked in the west bottoms so a quick Snickers bar stop was in order. Then I got home and a pile of bacon was sitting there waiting to be consumed and then washed down with Chocolate milk. Life is good.

Bon Appetite


  1. Bacon and chocolate milk???? Dude, whats up with that combo?

  2. Remember at the end of 'Back to the Future' when Doc fuels up the Delorean with the 'Mr Fusion' attachment? He put's in some old beer and a banana peel and then crank's it up to 88... well, i'm like Mr Fusion. Just throw in whatever scraps you can find and ill generate those 1.21 gigawatts!

  3. brave sole's on bicycles...i think you mean souls

  4. SC, it is J.T. if riding is a usual thing for you on Tuesday nights,and would like someone to join you, then let me know. I would be interested.

  5. time to go back to grammar school...

  6. How about getting some mad proofreading skills?

  7. ...because you need to know how bad a speller i am