Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday afternoon in KC - Broadway Cafe

Hey Gang,

Is there anything better than sitting at a coffee shop and reading the paper? It's even better when the Chiefs are one day away from their playoff game!


Did you know it's been over 6,000 days since the Chiefs won a playoff game? Anyway, Broadway Cafe is my new favorite coffee shop. I still like Muddy's, but Broadway is much cheaper, plus it seems like a hub of the KC cycling scene. Lot's of folks who ride seem to pass thru there. It's fun.

Anybody see the photo in today's star of dude riding the tall bike? That dude's everywhere!

Anyway... after one double espresso and one cup of coffee I hooked up with Bacon'ator and we took a spin downtown, after that i took some glamor shot's of my bicycle on the plaza. then i got home and warmed up in front of the space heater. It's cold outside.

Tomorrow is the last cross race of the season and my last change to get a w. i've been in monk mode all week, we'll see if it pays off. If the Chiefs win tomorrow it wont matter what happens in my race. One thing is for sure, as soon as i cross the finish line... i'm gettin drunk.


1 comment:

  1. Chief's lost. You didn't bring home the W. BUT you did succeed in gettin' drunk. Good jorb!