Saturday, February 12, 2011

Can't Get Enough of you Babe!

This is music:
It just occurred to me, you can post what ever you want on these blogs. So that means i can post this Diana Ross song. Which i just heard... by accident... due to the fact that i thought the stereo was tuned to 96.5, when actually it was tuned to... well, i forget. I think it was 98.1. Anyway, this song is the bomb. If your not a fan of 70's early disco, or late funk, or, okay im not sure what to call it... But if your not a fan of this music... just wait till 2:46 and then go with it.

What!?! you still dont like it! Heres the live version, you square. "I DONT NEED NO CURE!!!"
So listen to the music. Put it on while your lampin' in the crib. It's all good.

Tomorrow we'll talk about the amazing Streecred Cross stage that took place today. And it was amazing.

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