Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Streetcred Stage 3 - True Crit (the details)

How do i love Streetcred...

The Crit stage was awesome. The route was awesome. I designed it. I'm awesome. The turnout was not quite what it was at last weeks Cross race, but the caliber of rider was definitealy top notch. Nothing against everyone else, Streetcred accepts all shape and sizes, but given that we had to blow thru 3 stop signs on this course.... well, i was glad to see that everyone on the startline looked more than capable of handling themselves. It helped that Columbus Park is dead at 3pm on a Saturday.

After the race was over the big picture remained in question, who will win the 2011 edition of Streetcred? Several former champions are in the mix, but an eager crew of up and comers are chomping at the bit. Come out this Saturday to see who will be crowned the 2011 Streetcred champion!

How do i love Streetcred, let me count the ways...

(Jeff Bridges will not be attending, but i'm sure he takes his vitamins.)

(Note, the Columbus Park section of town is not illuminated with a cool blue in real life. But it would be a lot cooler if it was.)

(The route, .6 miles long. I think we did about 17 laps.)

(A warm welcome from a warm man.)

(Pre-lap, John looks waaay to happy.)

(Streetcred royalty in the house, Phillip and Shipwrek.)

(The race begins, and photographic evidence that i started dead last, otherwise i would have won by about 30 minutes. And the race only lasted 26. Bam! Note my special lady friend in Yellow... she won the women's race! Don't tell anybody she was the only female.)

(The Winner, Nate is a fast man and former Streetcred champion. Bow down.)

(The fellas check the results, i told you, John P is everywhere!)

(The Tour de France has the Yellow Jersey, we have the Blue T-shirt. The original leaders Jersey in the hands of the defending champion. This years winner will be in charge of keeping this baby safe, till 2012 rolls around.)

(Pot Pie in Westport generously opened up their doors for our after-party.)

(Andrew and Levon demonstrate their special bond. Streetcred magic in action.)

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