Sunday, February 6, 2011

Streetcred - Stage 1

So the first stage of Streetcred has come and gone and id say it was a trememdous success.

Lots of great people came out. A big mix. Young and old, men and woman, former champions and noob's.

Apparently this is the 4th edition of Streetcred? It started around 2007? Maybe somebody out there can help me with the history? Anyway, I didn't know it had been going on that long. Fixed gear Phillip even brought the original leaders jersey!

Okay, stage 1 is in the books. Stage 2 is this Saturday and i better see you all there. I mean, how can you pass up an urban cross race in the West Bottoms!?!?

Official website w/ stage 1 results - Streetcred.


  1. Started in 2007, so this is year 5. Shiprek started it....some pics from 2007 the first one:

  2. congrats winning urban 'cross, now come to bilenky junkyard cross next year in philly!!

  3. hey sc...get your blog duties straight! I thought TCPC had a new post only to be sorely disappointed by this post of the same name.

    and good job saturday you sandbagger.