Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A lot going on

Road bike racing. McCoy's ride's. Weddings (not mine.) Work.

Life seems to be getting busy again. The lazy day's are over. Coffee shop time is becoming more and more scarce and the weekends are becoming more and more packed.

This past Saturday i raced the Spring fling. Cat 3/4 race. I lasted 40 minutes, then got dropped. I tried an attack, it lasted about 35 seconds, after that i was cooked. I managed to hang on to the very back of the peleton for maybe 3 more laps, but then i had to pull the plug. The first road bike race of the season was a soft shock to they system, but that's better than a hard shock. No worries though, this is my 3rd year of racing and in my first two i got dropped from the cat 5 field at Spring Fling. Now i'm getting dropped by the 3/4 field. Hopefully by the end of this year i'll be getting dropped by the 3's at Gateway Cup.

I planned to do the dam race on Sunday but a flat tire on the automobile derailed those plans. No worries though, i got in 67 miles instead. That pretty much equals my longest ride ever. 100 is just around the corner!

I'm on a gravy train with biscut wheels.

(The cat 4 peloton at the first Spring Fling)

(Turner and Hooch in front of my apt.)

(McCoy's ride is back!)

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