Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rainy Saturday

Jacob Pullen is the man. 38 pts against Wisconsin! Too bad K-State lost, i want more Pullen.

College Basketball is the bomb.

It's been a rainy Saturday. I skipped the spring fling race in Lawrence because of it. Went for a ride here in KC instead, the rain cut it short. I was out south on my bike, saw a lightning bolt, and immediately turned around and raced the storm home. I was in a light sprinkle for most of the hour ride back, kind of fun really.

Popped into Broadway Cafe to read about the previous night's Jayhawk victory, then over to Volker bicycles to shoot the breeze and get some new brake pads. Both Broadway and Volker have new (to me) cycling posters up. i also watched the end of today's Milan San Remo on YouTube via someones iphone. There was a time when i wouldn't have missed the Versus coverage of any of the 5 one day monuments, now my life seems too busy, no time.

Maybe i'll make an exception for Paris Roubaix... buy some strong Belgian beer and cheer on my favorite doper. Dopers are people too, you know.

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  1. Got to watch the classics man! Get some beer, eat some becan!