Sunday, March 20, 2011

Perry Dam Race

Rock Chalk!!!

Raced the cat 4 at Perry Dam today. 7 laps. 35 miles. During the race I quickly went from feeling good to feeling bad. Led the group up the climp on lap 3, got dropped on lap 4.


I was near the back of the group at the bottom of our 4th time up the hill, mistake. The race exploded at that moment and i could never catch back on. Ended up finishing near the very end.

No worries though, only my second race of the year so nowhere to go but up.

It was windy today, really windy. At one point i was all alone, into a headwind, in the drops, out of the saddle, and i could barely hit 13 mph. To make it worse it was hot. It may of hit 80. Today was a hard shock to the system. I haven't done many races on my road bike that lasted this long. Almost 2 hrs. My neck and shoulders started to hurt.

The team did have some good performances, including a win in the cat 5 race. I think (okay i know) these newcomers are faster than me.


No worries... KU beat Illinois tonight, all is right with the world.

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  1. I knew it when I saw you pulling that huge pack up the hill....race smart SC!!! :)