Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I intended to blog yesterday

(Another sign of impending doom for this blog, i'm now blogging about blogging.)

I always wanted this blog to be fun and entertaining and yesterday on the drive home from work i was feeling fun and entertaining. I often brain storm on what i could blog about that night, the pic's i can take, what i can talk about, etc. but lately it never comes to fruition.

Yesteraday i had a plan to blog (happens a lot), i rode with x (happens a lot) i took the pictures (happens a lot) then came home and ran out of time to blog (happens a lot).

So just imagina this post is filled with pictures of:
  •  me changing pedals from my single speed to my road bike (we saw Premium Rush on Monday (which i also intended to blog about) so of course i had to ride my single speed after seeing it).  
  • X and i doing sprints down Main st.
  • Me making a smoothie in our new blender.
Question - My wedding is coming up and X and i still need the song for our first dance.

Any suggestions?