Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Fuzz

Saturday mornings 9am ride got off to an exciting start. Cops! The ride starts at Union Station and the Parisi coffee shop inside is nice enough to offer up free espresso (that's why you should have a coffee maker sponsor your team) so we always walk inside with our bikes and hang out for a bit. Well apparently theres beem some mis communication about wether or not we can walk inside with our bikes and bike shoes. The Union Station security guard said it was our shoes that were the problem. I showed up late so I cant tell you all the details but right as i arrived three squad cars pulled up and three cops headed inside. They were smiling a little.

After a little arguing we departed for our ride, so it was (thankfully) anti-climatic.

You'll all be pleased to know i got my espresso just before it all went down.

The ride, as usual, was fast.


  1. You were late huh? Odd

  2. Not so fast! The clock shows 3 till 9. So i was right on time. Always pay attetion to detail.

  3. I will pay better ATTETION from now on