Sunday, September 23, 2012

Manions day 1 & 2

Today was day two of Manions cross, yesterday was day 1.

Both days were interesting as this is my first year racing as a cat 2. Saturday we had 16 in the open field and i finished 13th. Today i think we had 13 and i finished 11th. I think the two behind me didn't finish.

The results are bad but realistic, im not discouraged. I had a lot of fun both days and it was great to be racing again. i forgot what it was like to compete. Of course i'm not doing much competing in the open category but you have to start somewhere.

My fitness should only go up from here so it's going to be a fun year. Hopefully i learn how to suffer because thats really what it's going to take.

It was a great weekend and the team did an awesome job putting on the event. Seeing all the familiar faces just reinforced what i was feeling... It's cross season.

Day 1

I lost contact with everyone after about two minutes but towards the end of the race i passed two guys. Besides that it was me trying to self motivate since the race was so far in front of me.

Day 2

I felt  surprisingly good considering the hard effort from the day before (another sign that bodes well for  future races) and i think i held in with the pack a bit longer, but i honestly dont remember that much.   I am however aware of how many guys from the 3's race finished ahead of me. Yesterday it was 4 and today if might of been 5. It's slightly emberrasing, but only slightly. At the end of the day were all just people and sometimes were up and sometimes were down. I'm going to keep working hard to go up.

Notice to everyone: I've mentioned this to a few but to make it official... i'll buy a beer for anyone who is a 3 and finished ahead of me in a race where they start you guys behind us. This beer will be delivered upon my terms. So it may take a few years, but i'm good for it. 

It's only been two races but i'm almost up to a 12 pack.

Bring it on!


  1. Hey Adam....better em a beer if they man up, sack up and cat the F up and race where they are suppose to. just saying. kudos to you and Andrew and to all the other 'young guys' trying to get faster by taking there lumps with the 'fast' guy race. I say this knowing full well I can race either the masters or the open race...and I am far from the fastest guy in the masters race around here. so I can do either race and still get my ars kicked in.. however, if you ate a young guy in the 3's race passing guys in the Open race...I don't want to hear any BS about just one more race or one more series and I will cat up....Man Up and Cat up! At least if you want to improve and get faster. Again, kudos you Adam.

    Josh Taylor

  2. Thanks, Josh. Although i'm not sure my performance at Manions was the best indicator of if a 3 neegs to upgrade. I think i was going slow. We'll see what happens next time we all line up together.

    Either way thanks for the encouragement and i may add a disclaimer to my challenge that if i deem you a sandbagger then you aint getting no beer!