Friday, February 1, 2013

Day 1 of Street Cred Alley Cred tomorrow!!! (plus bonus pictures of last wednesday)

I've been slack, how could i not have mentioned sooner that Day 1 of Street Cred is tomorrow!


I will be there.

And this year it's free! Tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day so i really hope you come out and support the Cred by pedaling your bicycle around Kansas City and then getting free beer and hugs afterwards. Now lets have a little fun (and hopefully get your competitive juices flowing) and take a trip down memory lane. Click each stage to relive all the glorious details.

My street cred history.

I was new on the scene. Might have broken my wrist during the crit. Felt pretty cool.
time trial
Stage 2 - Crit
Stage 3 - Cross
Stage 4 - Stairs

Hitting my stride as far as taking nothing seriously except bike riding, and not even that really. Won the cross race and shone like a golden god while doing it.
Stage 1 - Alley Cat
Stage 2 - Cross
Stage 3 - Crit
Stage 4 - Riddle Race

totally lost my stride of taking nothing seriously and only did one of the races. Weak.
Pre race hype
More pre race hype
Crit race - not sure which stage (no pictures)

Who knows what the future holds but if i can do even 2 of the races it will be a f*cking miracle.

Here's to miracles!

And now, finally, here are the bonus pictures from last Wednesday. Is anyone even reading this frigin blog?


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  2. When u write, I read....

  3. congrats, this post is now the most extensive archive of the street cred series. doin god's work, son.