Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Last Nights Explosion and Fire on the Plaza

I live at 51st terr and wornall. About 3/4 of a mile from JJ's restaurant, the one that blew up last night around 6pm. I was at home and felt the blast. For a few seconds i stopped what i was doing, it felt like someone ran into our house with a car. When nothing else happened i went back to washing dishes, assuming my neighbor below had dropped something.

X called me soon after that to say she was working late. That was at 6:02 pm. Maybe 30 minutes later i turned on the tv to see live coverage of the fire raging at JJ's restaurant. After 10 minutes of watching the tv i jumped on my bike and headed to the plaza but before walking out the door i talked to my downstairs neighbor. Her husband works at Graham and Dunn (also on the plaza) so i wanted to see if he was okay. She said he was fine but that she used to work at JJ's and she was trying to get in touch with old co-workers to make sure they were okay.

In that instant it really hit home that this was my neighborhood.

There was nothing to do once i got down there except take it all in and pray everyone was alright. Unfortunately we now know thats not the case as the news is reporting that one person has died.


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