Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Street Cred Stages 1 & 2 recap

So far so good, two stages of Kansas City's alley cat stage race have come and gone and I've attended both. It's a miracle! two more to go, if i make both of those i fully expect to explode into a joyous mushroom cloud of candy and rainbows.


Stage one was a scavenger hunt type race. Michael and his better half Erica did an amazing job setting it up. the race started and finished at Volker Bicycles at 18th and Wyandotte and they had scouted out 10 different bits of graffiti in the vicinity. Each rider was given a piece of paper with addresses on one side and pictures of the graffiti on the other. However each picture had a blank spot which you were required to fill in, as in drawing, once you found it. that's how you proved you were there. 

Despite Taking the most indirect route between stops 4 thru 8 i managed to finish 5th. I might get bumped up a little due to both the quality of my drawings (said in my best 'my name is Simon' voice) and the lack of quality of other peoples drawings.

If any streetcred officials are reading this im lobbying that the top 3 drawings get moved up one spot and the the bottom three get moved down one spot.

afterwards we passed around bottles of boons farm and 24 hours later i had a head cold for 3 days.

Plus my camera broke so these are the only photos i got. 

Moving on...

Stage two was a hill race. I believe these are sometimes called a 'dirty dozen' although we only did 6 hills. The premise: ride slowly in a group to a hill and then race to the top, then re-group and ride slowly to the next hill and repeate. This is perhaps the ideal race for me since climbing is my least worst skill on a bicycle, next to looking good at a red light.

Unfortunately i was delayed by a crashed teamate who required assistance so i missed the first hill. Over the next 5 hills i managed to finish 2nd, 3rd, last (due to dropped chain), 3rd and 2nd. It was a ton of fun.

Im not sure of the points system becasue i dont think the officials are sure of the points system but i've got to be sitting pretty good.

Afterwards we drank boons and budweiser and high life in the shawod of the former FBI building.

Ride bikes with your friends!

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