Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bike's have taken over the Blog... plus Bone Bender

Hey Everybody,

i'm gonna keep this simple tonight.

But you still get music.

Lot's of pollin in the air lately.

Mountain biking at Swope Park.

Flags are nice.

This is why i should always have my camera on me, for the time i spot a guy in a suit carrying a 30 pack of Natural Light down Broadway.

Today i did a big Mountain Bike race called Bone Bender. Located in Smithville, MO this was the 2nd annual running of the race and the turnout was great. Hopefully it becomes a staple of the local racing scene as i think everyone enjoyed it. It was also very hard. The longest i've raced up to this point was probaly about 1 hr but the Bone Bender took me 3 hours and twenty five minutes, which is about all the mountain biking i care to do. i had a few minor spills, was cramping for the last hr, and came away with my share of cuts and bruses, but... can't wait for next year!

After a hard day like that it's important to kick back and relax.

Good night


  1. oooo the Bond Bender, were their double agents everywhere?