Tuesday, April 6, 2010

OMG!!! - Text Message o the Week(s)

Hey Everybody,

i'm cold lamping it here at the pad. Got some Tour of Flanders in the VCR and Toro Y Moi on the stereo. Have you heard this guy? You can download free music here - RCRD LBL / Toro Y Moi - it's awesome. Plus i think it will bring some hipster cred to your life... if that interests you.

So i've been slacking big time on the 'text message o the week' but tonight the damm is gonna burst. Sure i haven't been posting the text's, but i've still been saving them. So, without further adieu, i present a text from each week we missed... more or less.

That's all i got.



  1. I made my "text message of the week" debut...SNAP!!!

  2. Shut the fuck up Donnie!

  3. You ignorant piece of shit.

  4. Those pictures of the Jayhawk were taken at Toon's Bar & Grill in Chicago, IL. For you KU/Kansas City sports fans out there, if you're ever in Chicago and want to check out a game or just have some awesome KC-style ribs or pulled pork, stop by Toon's. Don't listen to the people who tell you to go to Lottie's or Kincaid's, unless you're interested in drinking Red Bull with the frat boys. Toon's is a dive-ish bar with good beer on tap, great atmosphere and even better food.

  5. Anonymous said, I get a hard on for Chicago and anything associated with it. get with the times, anon, cubs suck, bears suck, obama sucks, hawks are cool, im out!