Saturday, April 3, 2010

A good start... A Night out plus a Tweed Ride

Hey Everybody,

it's been a nice couple days.

Last night we grabbed the bikes and hit the town, big willie style. Yep, thats right. The weather was spectacular and the PBR was flowing like wine.


but wait there's more!...

Today we had the Tweed Ride. Basically it's a really big group bike ride, in 1900's attire. It was an absolute perfect day for the Tweed Ride. 62 degrees and sunny. Plus the local urban bike crew handled 'security,' it made me think of the Hells Angels at Altmont, thankfully nobody died by stabbing at the Tweed Ride. At one point we even stopped at a lemonade stand, those kids made a killing. Springtime is here.... awww yeahhh!



  1. double nickel quote of the day "man, id like take my clothes off and stick dollar bills all over..."

  2. double nickle qutoe of the day...

    me: "Hey man, you're not wearing tweed"

    Double Nickle: "i was ahead of my time back then"